TOX ElectricDrive

Modular electromechanical servo drive system with press force up to 700 kN, from standalone systems to complex machines: The solution for all applications in all variations.

The drive system consists of the following components: Servo drive EPMx or EPQS, axis controller, load resistor, cables, TOXsoftWare and operating terminal (optional).

Ideally suited for Servo Presses & Tongs

The modular and easy to configure system provides for a wide spectrum of applications, such as forming or press fit operations, safety oriented applications and sheet metal joining processes like TOX Clinching, even with adjustable and controllable residual bottom thickness.

TOX ElectricDrive - the advantages

  • High precision due to adaptable, regulated deflection compensation
  • Simple and comprehensive parameter setting, control, service, via TOXsoftWare
  • Can be run on most commonly used operating systems
  • Utmost safety up to and including category 4 as per EN 954-1, Performance level e as per EN ISO 3849-1 and SIL3 as per EN/IEC 62061 is possible
  • Stand-alone operation without PC/PLC is possible
  • The system is pre-configured and calibrated, thus, ready for service: plug and work!
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Brochures & Data sheets

TOX-ElectricDrive (1.7 MB)

TB 40.40 EQ-K (1.0 MB)