Toggle Presses

High-grade benchtop presses at best price

The TOX Toggle Presses convince by their outstanding workmanship and flexible application possibilities. Their modular concept and the wide scope of matching accessories allows the configuration of presses exactly to your needs.
The solid cast steel press frames are available in 3 variants. Press forces from 2 to 33 kN.

Toggle Press KFS

1 Ergonomic hand lever.

2 Electric counter, with long life batteries.
3 Return stroke lock for toggle mechanism including retract spring.
4 Travel sensor.
5 Fine stroke adjustment for precise setting of the force at end of stroke. Mounted on tool fixture.
6 Standardized interface for all electric sensors.
7 Tool fixture.
Tool fixture with force sensor.

Additional accessories:
Pressfit monitoring
Slide table according to type.

Changing the force-travel characteristic
Force-Travel toggle press

For presses 8 to 25 kN, the output force can be changed by a simple repositioning of the hand lever.

– Remove safety bolt 1
– Twist and pull screw in stud 2 reposition hand lever from A to B
– Reinsert safety bolt 1

Caution: changing of the press force also results in a change of the working stroke (see tables for force/travel range).

Press force diagram
Required handle pull force - toggle press

Required handle pull force


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Brochures & Typesheets

TOX-FinePress (1.4 MB)


All toggle presses, rack and pinion presses and pneumatic presses of the TOX-FinePress-series here as a CAD model.